Homeless Youth Program, Invents the Next Generation of High Tech Toys

Technology From Heaven Inventors Club is flying high with the Force Flyer Helicopter, reaching 20 Million in Sales.

Members of an inventors club based at a Los Angeles homeless youth ministry are producing large numbers when it comes to inventions. Also large numbers of the toy helicopter they invented called force flyer, and force racer rally car are coming in to retail stores like Toys “R” Us, Sports Authority, Sharper Image, Target.com and so on.

The Force Flyer Helicopter, and the Force Racer Rally Car are powered by technology invented by youth that live in, or come out of, a homeless youth shelter. These youth are getting their lives together as part of an inventors club called Technology From Heaven, a ministry of, Hope For Homeless Youth. The former gang members, former drug addicts, and those who are transitioning from being homeless, have invented this unique controller and technology by building upon the same technology that’s in your cell phone called an accelerometer. The direction or the way you turn your hand is the direction the helicopter or racecar goes. This fun, unique, way of controlling helicopters and cars has really taken off. They are sold in some 7000 stores in 52 nations, even Russia. The number sold this year will reach as high as 100,000, and next year is expected to hit over a half a Million.

“We don’t really call ourselves Inventers’” said ministry pastor and director Clayton Golliher. This, despite the clubs success of licensing 28 different concepts netting over $20 million around the world and sold by such companies as Mattel. Toy, Interactive Toy Concepts, and Regal Elite or Paul G Toys. The charity collected over $50,000 for their first royalty payment from Mattel; it was the controller for the Tyco Wheelie Cycle. The toys are sold in such stores as Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target Toys “R” Us, and many others. The club also holds 10 Patents of their own and develop some wild stuff such as a tested, patent pending, device that uses your cell phone to cure all baby’s diaper rash within 12 hours guaranteed plus perform another 9 successful functions to help you raise your children. Another patent pending  device , is a water saving system for your home that saves up to 80% of all the water used in your home, it’s  fully automated and uses reusable filters , and meets  government health standards. It’s a do-it-yourself add-on system that does not require licensing or a plumber. Golliher says they’re looking for company to license this fully tested, and proven system to.

The club has over 400 Impressive inventions. And they are seeking companies to license them to for royalties. They possess over 100 cell phone products. One product they put on the market is a cell phone leash that guarantees to keep   you from losing or breaking your cell phone, if you drop it. This product is called Phido. And retails for $4.95. This product is selling great as they have sold over 10,000 pieces and are looking for a marketing company to take over the marketing of this proven product. Another amazing cell phone, patent pending, invention they have is a device that lets your cell phone communicate and operate every single electrical device or appliance in your home or car and allows you to find your kids and any lost articles in your home. All this is done from any place in the world with your cell phone. Golliher estimates that it will retail for $ 29.95 and he is looking for a company to license it too.

Many people ask Golliher, what is the key to the success of your club inventing all these successful inventions that help support this charity involving five facilities in Los Angeles that help rescue and rehabilitate troubled youth?  Pastor Golliher answers by saying number one we don’t call ourselves inventers’ Because we are the foolish that confound the wise as the Scriptures say .My background is a pig and peach farmer from my father’s farm in a small town in Colorado.  I’m not an engineer or designer or even an electronics person. Golllher says the success of the very success inventions is coming to believe in the gospel of the kingdom of God. Because of what Jesus did for us we have every single blessing there is in heaven available to us that includes the creativity of heaven and our Heavenly Father. Of course we must come to a place where he can trust us with the riches and the power of the kingdom.

Golliher said we don’t perish because of lack of knowledge, we engage in intimacy with Father God, get filled with His Holy Spirit, and pray in the language of heaven, which brings God’s creative nature into us. Golliher says when we pray God gives us what we call divine downloads of technology he said the downloads from heaven give us inventions and many other concepts. Golliher argues, this relationship is available to all of us; all we need to do is ask and seek because of what our wonderful Jesus has done for us. It’s called the good news of the gospel, and it’s all about falling in love with Jesus, Golliher argues.  Royalties from the $39.95 Helicopter, force flyer and the $29.95 Force racer rally car, will benefit technology from heaven and help rescue and rehabilitate troubled youth from the street. Youth that contributed to an invention will also receive a portion of the proceeds to prepare for their future.

Golliher is a former Youth With A Mission missionary, who moved to Los Angeles over 30 years ago and began ministering on the streets. Under his direction, Hope For Homeless Youth ministry operates a 17 bed men’s facility and Christian mentoring program. The ministry operates other facilities including a transitional living home outside of LA. The 2500 square-foot ministry, mentoring center down in south-central LA reaches out to gang members and young men that really want to get their lives together. Golliher says the ministry touches the lives of about 2500 hurting youth each month with the love of God including their outreaches to orphanages and the very poor in Mexico.

The ministry also operates a thriving computer training and refurbishing center. This training program offers free computer training and refurbishing of the computer to qualified youth. The needy youth get a free computer system just for completing the two-month course. They also sell a great-refurbished computer and complete system with 19-inch flat screen and everything you need all for under $100 with a guarantee.

There’s much more planned and hope for the inventors club, Golllher says, volunteers in the club are NASA engineers, patent lawyers and marketing experts. We invite people from every part of the country to join our club that is offered for a $350 donation to help the charity. The club meets each Friday night at 7 o’clock at one of their facilities on S. Normandy and 51st St. in LA The club membership offers an 8 step program which teaches any individual how to protect develop and find a buyer for their invention or product idea and receive royalties.  We have some very exciting projects he says, “People just want to get their lives together. They’re struggling with the economy. They lost their jobs, but they have ideas that are potentially worth millions of dollars, they just need to know how to protect them, and find a buyer, and we will help them if they qualify.

Golllher says that some of their needs are defined as number 1, a bigger building to run their operation out of. Number 2, find some homes that they can even fix up to house and the rehabilitating youth both a men’s and women’s home and a home for mothers with children is needed. Likewise we are looking for a good size ranch outside of town to do our work out of. Along with these we are also looking for all types of cars, vans, trucks, and about every kind of tools or equipment you can imagine, to be donated to our nonprofit. Also all types of computer equipment are needed to refurbish for sale at low-cost as a fundraiser for the 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We are also looking for all types of volunteers, administrators, office workers, Carpenters dentist, doctors, mechanics, engineer’s marketers, and the list goes on.

All donation checks made out to Hope For Homeless Youth are tax-deductible. Or you might go online to make a donation.

For more information or to donate, visit hopefor homelessyouth.org or call Pastor Clayton at 213-820-8305 or email him directly at PastorClayton@gmail.com.   Or wright us at hope for homeless youth, PO Box 26978, Los Angeles, CA 90026.

Also you may want to order teaching CD series that gives the key to receiving from God and inventing products. The tapes are available for any donation to our charity to troubled youth called Hope For Homeless youth.

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Inventor’s club member Teddy Campos flies the innovative Force Flyer helicopter, whose controller glove, the club invented will be sold in Toys “R” Us and Sports Authority stores for Christmas.  Campos, who Stole his first car at 13 and spent parts of the next 11 years in jail is involved in the inventors club, Technology From Heaven, a project of Hope For Homeless Youth ministry that rescues and rehabilitates troubled youth.