Hope for the Homeless Youth  photo1


One way we teach life skills to our hurting youth is through our “Inventors Club”. The Inventor’s Club is one tool God is using to help teach young men and women about hearing and receiving from God.  As well as learning how to protect, patent search and take the ideas that they get from God and bring them to the market place.


Pastor Clayton holds up the 9 patents that have been awarded. A local law firm sowed into our ministry and obtained 8 of the 9 patents for us.  We sold 1 inventions to Mattel Toys that are being sold nationwide.  We have also sold 11 toy invention to Interactive Toys. Some of these toys will be available in stores such as Wal-Mart and Radio Shack starting this summer.


Pastor Clayton says that All of HEAVEN’S new and witty ideas and inventions are available to all God’s children. It can be accessed through having intimate encounters with God through spending time in prayer.  The Lord has led us to offer an 8 step program on how to hear from God and get creative ideas from Heaven. You will learn how to protect your invention, do a patent search and how to market your ideas.  Most importantly, how to sell your idea and collect royalties before and after your invention reaches the marketplace. Please visit our website: http://www.hopeforhomelessyouth.org/ for information on how to become a member of Hope for Homeless Youths’ inventors Club.