Teddy Campos testimony
Hi my name is Teddy Compos and this is my testimony. I am now totally in love with Jesus however my life started out as a rocky road. At age 12, I went into a state of rebellion against authority because of my anger toward my parents. Most of this was because they weren’t there for me, in that they were always workings. To express my anger and frustration I ended up stealing a car and was convicted of grand theft auto and ended up in juvenile hall. For the next 11 years of my life I ended up in jail at least once every year. I went to jail for things like fighting in school, drug abuse, and stealing. I remember running away from home when I was 13 and I did a drug called meth for the first time in my life. By the age of 15 I was doing crack cocaine, mushrooms, marijuana, alcohol, and actually about every drug except antifreeze. I was doing some kind of drug about every day. I’m not proud of my drug life, and actually it really messed my mind up.  When my parents split up when I was 18 I moved out and lived on the streets for 2 years. I survived by stealing, and selling and doing drugs. I really hit my rock bottom, I lost all hope and motivation. Because of my involvement with meth, I destroyed all good relationships with what friends I had and even my parents. I faced a time in life when I almost committed murder because somebody close to me was being threatened.

This caused me to really do some soul-searching and seeking God. Also some real believers in Jesus reached out to me. The result was I began to cry out to Jesus and I gave my life to Him, praise God. I needed a place where I could be rehabilitated, go through some healing and grow and to be nurtured and put my faith in action, so I joined Hope For Homeless Youth. It was there that I learned about the Inventors Club and I wanted to join because I love fixing things.
At the inventors club, Technology from Heaven I learned a new trade and through the club I learned how to work with plastics, metals, and learn to build prototypes . I also learned some basic electronics and learned about patenting and protecting a product and about market-ing an invention. I learned this by taking the classes on the eight step program that taught us how to develop a product and sell it to a buyer for royalties. These are all skills that I know will help me in the future. Each Friday night at the Inventors club meetings, I’m working on some new patented r/c flying craft. I’m also working a full-time job and really getting my life together. I just praise God for what He has done in my life and I really want to thank the In-ventors Club for helping me to get my life together and all the training I have received. I really have come to find that Jesus is more than a word on a page in a book or a curse word in the streets. He’s become my best friend and I love praying to Him. He has caused me to be delivered from my drug addiction. Also he has taken the rebelliousness, bitterness, and un-forgiveness out of my heart. He has also begun to heal my mind from all the drug abuse. My goal is to move forward and better my career and eventually help other troubled young man like I once was. In Jesus name — Teddy


Devons testimony

This is the testimony of one of the precious guys in our inventors club and who lives in our men’s home in our full-time mentouring  program. He is a real blessing and this is his testimony.

My name is Devon, I am 22. I’ve been with the Hope For Homeless Youth, “HF HY” and the inventors club for about six months. I grew up in North Hollywood in a gang neighborhood surrounded by a gang called 18th St. I can remember starting out having a rebellious attitude  toward my father at age 15. When my family change living locations I moved out of the house at age 18. My freedom led me into a distractive lifestyle of partying , promiscuous , and marijuana smoking. Marijuana really messed me up. It made me lazy, unmotivated, not willing to get a job, and plainly antisocial.  I found out about HFHY  from Ben, the assistant director of the men’s house. I can remember distinctly one Sunday night at the men’s home when Pastor Clayton gave a message that touched my heart. I felt convicted to make a commitment to Jesus. Praise God!!!. I came forward at the altar call At this Sunday night, street-level ,service and some of the guys in the house prayed over me.

Since I’ve been at the Mens house God has really helped me to be delivered of my anger and my immoral lifestyle. The mentoring program at the home has really help me to slowly fall in love with Jesus. All praise to Him, I love Him.  I ‘ve really enjoyed being in the inventors club. It’s help me to be motivated to learn patenting and product development. My goal is to be a sound engineer and raise a Christian family I really love the good Lord I am so grateful for all He has done in my life and I’ve set my life to live for Him, amen. God bless you,
Sincerely, Devon