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1. Is broken down into two parts. Part 1, is the, WASHING MACHINE WATER EXTRACTOR. And , Part 2. Is the , BATH AND SHOWER WATER EXTRACTOR.. 2. Both parts of this system need no permit and have been approved by the city of Los Angeles , and meet all building and plumbing codes for California and surrounding states.
3. The operating officers of the city of Los Angeles that have given verification , inspection , and approval are as follows. Number one , Carlos Borja, head LA City Public Health Department. Number two Eric Edwards, head of LA City Building and Safety Department.
4. This system, both parts 1 and parts 2 are a completely ” a do it yourself system”. They are ready-made, purchase over-the-counter, units.
5. The system does not tie into your existing plumbing in anyway. Systems are designed for the average layperson to set up and need no plumber.
5. The system can completely operate on solar power, if you desire. The BATH AND SHOWER WATER EXTRACTOR, runs on 12 volts for safety sake.
6. Additional components of the system can also be also ordered but you must take the responsibility to inquire with your local city officials regarding their use with Grey water. These additional components or accessories will be clearly labeled.
7. Both systems are patent pending and will save a minimum of 33% of all water .
8. Both systems create the easy option of selecting to save the water or diverting it down the sewer. This is in compliance with plumbing code. Also in compliance with plumbing code neither system store the water in anyway.

The following is a breakdown of the functionality and water and money-saving potential of each system.

This washing machine extractor manifold attaches universally to the drainpipe that comes up from the floor or the drainpipe that is embedded in the wall. The manifold attaches to the left side to any standard 3/4 inch garden hose.
The garden hose, which does not come with the kit, is vented outside an open door , window, or through a hole drilled down in the crawlspace and then outside.
Opening the valve on the left and closing the valve at the bottom will cause the water to be diverted outside to the lawn , or garden , trees , etc. When the valve handle is in parallel with the pipe it is attached to, the valve is open.
The pressure relief valve on the right will pop open at 3 pounds of back pressure to help with the possibility of causing harm to the wash machine pump. Excessive back pressure could occur if the garden hose is kinked , if there is blockage , if the lint trap is full and needs cleaning, if there is excessive uphill incline, and so on.
The washing machine drain tube screws into the top quick connect fitting. Then it is secured with two clamps. (A larger fitting comes in the kit to fit a larger size drainpipe). Lastly the quick connect fitting is screwed on. In operation, it is always best to open the bottom valve first then the valve to the left.


This REUSABLE LINT TRAP is screwed in line to the 3/4 inch garden hose. The lint trap should be cleaned every two weeks with the average use of a family of 4 .

Thirdly, the 3/4 inch garden hose is connected to one or more of the, GRAY WATER DISPENSER SHIELDS. These come in 2 types. 1. GREY WATER LAWN DISPENSER SHIELD . Part No. (3)

These protective shields cause the Grey water to be dispensed evenly. The hard, solid, shields provide a covering for the Grey water outlet to help prevent Grey water’s exposure to pets, birds ,children, etc. It is recommended the shields be moved to a new spot after each washing machine wash load.

Fourthly, is the second system, which is sold separately. This is the , BATH AND SHOWER WATER EXTRACTOR. Part No. (5).
This install it yourself system, is a unique self priming pump that comes in a sound resistant box containing a timer switch. This decorative box his placed between, say the toilet and the tub or shower. The 12 V connection cord is connected to the AC adapter which should be placed away from the box and intern plugged in to a 115 V outlet. The outlet tubing goes along the wall and outside a window or a hole drilled in the crawlspace. The outlet tubing then connects to a standard any 5/8 inch standard garden hose which in turn connects to the LAWN GREY WATER DISPENSER or the TREE GREY WATER DISPENSER .